Cloud & Managed Services

Cloud & Managed Services

Cloud Servers

Telesystem’s Cloud Servers provide rapid provision of new servers to meet the infrastructure needs of your business. Whether you require a file server or plan on deploying a new website, our cloud server solution will help you accomplish that – without having to go through the process of buying and installing expensive on-premise equipment. Both scalable and customizable, Telesystem’s Cloud Servers allow you to design a solution to meet your specific needs and pay only for what you need instead of overbuying to meet future projections. While you are saving money, you will also be disaster proofing your business. All of Telesystem’s Cloud Solutions are secured in our geographically-redundant data centers that are monitored 24x7x365 so you can be confident that your vital data and systems are available when you need them.

Enterprise Managed WiFi

The need for wireless connectivity is a critical and growing requirement for business operations. Today’s consumers expect to be able to connect to the Internet seamlessly wherever they go. Telesystem’s Enterprise Managed WiFi offers your customers and guests the fast, open WiFi access they expect – along with the private wireless access you and your employees need to run your business securely and efficiently.

Hosted Exchange

Enjoy the convenience and flexibility of Microsoft® Exchange without the hardware or licensing headaches Hosted Exchange from Telesystem gives you all the benefits of Microsoft® Exchange, without the investment of purchasing and maintaining servers, tracking licenses and dedicating staff to maintain the equipment. It is an easily deployed, easily managed, and easily scaled messaging solution that boosts productivity through corporate-class email as well as shared calendaring, task, and contact capabilities. It is the right solution to keep you connected and productive wherever and whenever your business happens.